Whether you're looking to keep all of your athletic achievements in one place for college recruiters, or want to capture family memories through videos and photos, we have a package for you!

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Includes unlimited
video, photo and
document uploads.

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Our Pricing Approach is simple. We include all of the features so the decision simply relies on one question: Is this for Individual Recruiting Use or is it for a Team or Family?

There are only a few questions you need to answer to decide which package is best for you:


Is the Indiviual Plan right for me?

  • If you are an athlete that wants to get recruited you will want the individual plan.
  • You can upload unlimited videos, photos and related documents such as letters of recommendation, transcripts, press clippings, awards, stats, and physical results such as (velocity, 40/60 yard dash, lifiting ability).
  • Everything you load into this plan will be all about you and your accomplishments and athletic highlights!
  • You will send the web link directly to any coach you want to contact. The coaches will see everything about you and have all related information they will need to evaluate you right at their fingertips. This link will save coaches a significant amount of time, which we know they will appreciate!
Is the Team Package right for me?

  • If your goal is to provide a great team experience for all the athletes and parents, this App has a centralized content management system so one person can upload game video, photos, game schedules, rules, and contact info for all team members right into the App.
  • This plan gets up to 50 Apps for all team members and their families.
  • The web version is included for those that do not have iPads.
Is the Family Package right for me?
  • Finally, one centralized private place to store all your family video, photos, and documents and digital keepsakes.
  • You get 50 Apps to distribute to family members.
  • How many video tapes are in the box that you haven't looked at in years? This is the answer to have a cloud- based storage of all your memories.
  • All family members get the updated videos and photos in real time.
  • Grandma and Grandpa can see all the latest sports footage from the games they had to miss!
  • This beats the heck out of pulling out your wallet to show the latest pictures of your kids!