Our Story:

AccessMobility 24, a startup founded in 2012, created the PERFECT Play 360 product in response to the trends and needs to streamline communications in the college athletic recruiting process. As a company we specialize in the development of cross-platform applications that allow you to leverage the rapidly changing and feature-rich mobile devices that consumers and businesses now use to communicate within the B2B channel or with consumers. This approach has been very successfull and now we are applying our platform to assist consumers with a easy to use Cloud Storage solution to store all if their Videos, Photo's and various important documents in one place. This darling of a product is called Perfect Play 360. Located in Chicago and Kalamazoo, AccessMobility 24 has clients across North America that use our solutions for their sales force enablement and training, new employee onboarding, and custom application development needs and now we have the PERFECT PRODUCT for consumers world wide.

For more information about Access Mobility 24 please visit www.accessmobility24.com